Defender fue el mejor videojuego de 1981. Ganó seis de los ocho premios de Playmeter, la revista especializada para la industria del entretenimiento que funciona con monedas. Y Williams Electronics siempre está sobrecargada de pedidos de esta exitosa máquina. Si bien Defender puede parecer un videojuego espacial ordinario, no se equivoque al respecto. Es uno de los juegos más complejos y notables de los arcades. Uno de los aspectos más sorprendentes de Defender son los gráficos: hay 256 combinaciones de colores diferentes que pueden aparecer en la pantalla en cualquier momento. Agregue a eso una variedad de ruidos y un gran desfile de formas y movimientos y tendrá un ejemplo brillante de posibilidades de video.

The fate of the world is at your fingertips
command a Spaceship defending innocent 
Humanoids from alien attack. This is a serious 
responsibility. If your Humanoids are captured, 
and carried from the Earth to alien territory, they 
mutate. And these Mutants become dangerous 
enemies of your Ship. The game is played in a 
series of attack waves. Once you've destroyed all 
the Landers in an attack, a new wave begins. 
Defender is the ultimate video game of skill. 
Steve Juraszek, a one-time national Defender 
champion (high score 15,963,100), states that, to 
be a top Defender player, you must be "very 
mechanically inclined," and you must have 
"good eyesight and quick reflexes." No tricks are 
involved in high scores. The secret is concen- 
tration and practice. 

A solid understanding of Defender basics is 
essential to high scores. Spend your first Defender 
quarters experimenting, feeling out the 
personalities of each of the enemies and the 
possible movements of your Space Ship. 

A. Spaceship. You command this Spaceship over 
and under the Earth's surface. You can progress 
through the atmosphere at the speed you 
choose. You can reverse and you can instantly 
Hyperspace to another part of the world at will. 

B. Humanoids. Humanoids are peaceful while 
they're still human. They often walk around the 
Earth's surface in groups. Don't shoot them. 
Protect them. If allowed to mutate, you've got 
one big problem on your hands. Although you'll 
survive an inadvertent collision with a Humanoid, 
the Humanoid will die. 

C. Landers (150 points). You must destroy all the 
Landers on a screen to complete an attack 
wave. A Lander's basic objective is to grab 
Humanoids and carry them to the top. They'll fire 
at you, but you can easily avoid their fire. There 
are four to five Landers on a screen at most 

D. Mutants (150 points). These are formed when a 
Lander successfully carries a Humanoid to the 
top of the screen. The Lander then sucks the 
Humanoid into his space craft and forms a 
Mutant. These are dangerous. Their main 
objective is to kill you, and they never shoot 
straight, always at an angle. If a Mutant appears, 
muster all your energy to kill it. If the Landers carry 
all of your Humanoids to the top of the screen, 
the world explodes. This is no pretty sight, and 
nearly impossible to stay alive in.
Baiters (200 points]. Baiters appear near the 
end of the attack wave, to speed up the game. 
They will track you closely. They can shoot faster 
and move faster than you. Kill the Baiters as soon 
as they appear. They're fairly large targets. If too 
many Baiters appear, you'll probably have to use 
Hyperspace. Baiters disappear when you've 
destroyed all the Landers. 

F. Bombers (250 points]. Bombers are fairly 
passive. They travel in groups of one to three, 
leaving Mine Fields behind them. You cannot 
shoot these Mines. You must avoid them. Try to kill 
the Bombers before they leave Mines. 

G. Mother Ships (1000 points], MotherShips (a.k.a. 
Pods) are some of your worst enemies. They also 
yield high points. One Mother Ship appears on 
the 2nd wave, three on the 3rd, and four on the 
4th. When destroyed, five to seven Swarmers are 
released by the Mother Ship, and must be killed. 

H. Swarmers (150 points], Swarmers are released 
from Mother Ships after the Mother Ship has 
been destroyed. These are no fun. They track you 
closely. Some people use a Smart Bomb the 
instant a Mother Ship has been killed. Others 
skillfully and cautiously kill the Swarmers one by 

I. Scanner. This Scanner displays an overview of 
the entire war zone. Your playing area is 
bracketed. Your lasers cannot kill enemies past 
the playing area. This Scanner should be 
constantly monitored. If you want a real 
challenge, try playing the whole game with the 
Scanner only. Don't look at the screen. It will help 
develop and test your Defender skills.
The key to strategy is staying alive. You get a new 
Smart Bomb and a new Ship every 10,000 points. 
As the game progresses, more aggressive 
enemies enter the playing area. To stay alive 
past 30,000 points, you'll need to know how to 
use each of the controls. The strategies below 
build on each other. Ifs essential to know strategy 
A before you can move to B, and so on. Once 
you get to strategy B, you're still using what you've 
learned in strategy A. You're simply adding to its 
depth. Remember: Your basic objective is to kill 
all the Landers on the screen to complete an 
attack wave. Ifs necessary to kill them fast, so that 
(1) they don't mutate your Humanoids and (2) 
Baiters don't appear. 

A. Beginning Strategies. There are certain basic 
strategies that must be developed and learned 
as soon as possible. All of these strategies, once 
learned, will continue throughout your entire 

1. Hit the Thrust and Fire buttons together. 

Consider these two buttons as one button. 
Always hit them together and hit them as fast as 
you can. Develop "Defender Fingers." Don't stop 
doing this unless you're in an instant-death 
situation. Ifs important to keep moving and to 
keep firing. 

2 . Fly low. Many top Defender players seldom fly 
more than two inches above the Earth's surface. 
Ifs important in adequately protecting the 
Kill kidnapping Landers. Destroy the Landers 
when they're raising your Humanoids to the top. 
Don't kill your Humanoids. Once you've killed a 
Lander, scoop up the Humanoid and return him 
to the Earth for extra points. You earn 500 points 
for saving a Humanoid, and an extra 500 for 
returning the Humanoid to Earth. You also get the 
points for killing the Lander.
Reverse Strategy. Reverse Strategy begins on 
the second screen. It should be used sparingly, 
and only when necessary. The most advan- 
tageous Reverse Strategy concerns the Mutants. 
Mutants are dangerous and difficult to kill. They 
also track your every move. A good way to kill 
them is to move up toward a Mutant, reverse, 
and destroy it instantly. Your reversal will confuse 
the Mutant and stall him for an instant. 

C. Hyperspace Strategy. Hyperspace becomes 
necessary when the score starts building, say 
around 30,000 points. If you've dawdled during 
an attack wave, several Baiters may appear. 
These Baiters are faster moving and faster 
shooting then you are. There's no need to waste 
a valuable Smart Bomb on them. You might as 
well escape them with Hyperspace. Just beware: 
You have no idea where you'll end up. Be 
prepared to move instantly as soon as you've 
reappeared on the screen. Point 1 on the Radar 
Screen shows where you might be before 
Hyperspace. Point 2 shows where you might wind 
up safely. Point 3 shows where you might wind 
up — and die.
Smart Bomb Strategy. Smart Bombs are 
valuable. Use them for maximum point potential. 
You should be able to survive without the Smart 
Bombs until around 30,000 points, at which point 
you'll have six of them. Wait until several Mother 
Ships appear on the screen at the same time. 
Then Smart Bomb the whole screen for 1,000 
points per Mother Ship. The only other time to use 
the Smart Bomb is when you have no other 
choice: when all kinds of enemies are on the 
board. Ifs always best to use the Smart Bomb 
smartly, for big points. 

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